Guide to the LSHTM Archives Collection

This is a guide to the collections currently available on the online catalogue. It has been compiled to give researchers some guidance before searching. Please contact us for information on the School’s administrative records, including:

  • Material relating to the establishment and development of the School since 1899
  • Minutes and Annual reports
  • Student registers
  • Records and photographs relating to the construction, move and opening ceremony of the Keppel Street building

Collections available on the online catalogue


AIDS Social History Programme
Description: Papers of central government, regional government, medical and voluntary organisation material relating to the HIV/AIDS epidemic chiefly within the context of the epidemic in the U.K.
Extent: 22 boxes
Dates: 1983-1998

Alcock, Alfred William (1859-1933)
  Description: Autobiographical notes on his life (1876-1926) and correspondence on zoology in India and the Indian Museum, Kolkata.
Extent:1 file, 1 envelope
Dates: 1906-1920s

Balfour, Sir Andrew (1873-1931)
  Description: Material consisting of manuscripts, addresses, lectures, speeches and publications relating to malaria, tropical disease and public health and hygiene in the tropics; research notebooks (1908-1913) relating to his work in Sudan; material on overseas visits; papers and correspondence relating to Balfour's appointment to the School, his illness, death and subsequent memorial fund for Balfour; correspondence received by Balfour while at the School.
Extent: 8 boxes
Dates: 1907-1946

Barnard, Cyril Cuthbert (1894-1959)
Description: Correspondence and papers relating to his employment at LSHTM; handwritten translation of 'The Book of Rheumatism of the Famous Parisian Physician Gulielmus Ballonius'; publications.
Extent: 2 boxes
Dates: 1924-1968

Barton, William (b. 1923)
  Description: Collection of reel-reel audio tapes featuring lectures by Professor George MacDonald and Barton.
Extent: 3 boxes
Dates: 1960s and 1970s

Berridge, Professor Virginia
Description: Working papers of Professor Berridge covering her extensive research on the history of drug policy, addiction, smoking, alcohol and HIV/AIDS. The research includes projects for a number of national and international bodies including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) , World Health Organisation (WHO) and European Union along with funded research programmes on HIV/AIDS and smoking policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Extent: 64 boxes
Dates: 1967-2012

Brightman, Dr. C.A.J.
Description: Papers comprise three notebooks of transcribed lecture notes, with hand-drawn diagrams in colour, from Brightman's time as a student studying for an MSc in Medical Parasitology at LSHTM.
Extent: 3 items
Dates: 1976-1977

Browne, Stanley George (1907-1986)
  Description: Manuscripts and publications on leprosy.
Extent: 1 file
Dates: 1960s

Budd, William (1811-1880)
  Description: Publications by Budd on various diseases including cholera, typhoid and cattle-plague; correspondence on cholera and typhoid; certificates from medical institutions; posters and public information on vaccination and a portrait of Budd.
Dates: 1829-1869
Extent: 1 box

Burton, John Hill (1809-1881) and Chadwick, Sir Edwin (1800-1890)
Description: Papers of Sir Edwin Chadwick, 1840-1851 and 1954, comprise copies of letters from Chadwick to John Hill Burton on issues of public health, 1840-1851, and correspondence between the School, Chadwick Trust and Professor Finer on the copying of these letters, 1954
Extent: 69 letter and 1 file

Buxton, Patrick Alfred (1892-1955)
  Description: Contains material relating to his employment as Head of Entomology, LSHTM 1927-1955 including research notes, correspondence, maps, diaries and publications
Dates: 1908-1957
Extent: 5 boxes

Carpenter, Geoffrey Douglas Hale (1882-1953) and Amy Frances
Description: Travel diary which records the Carpenters’ experiences including trips to Uganda for research on sleeping sickness between 1913 and 1930. As well as diary entries documenting their day to day activities, there are photos, pressed flowers, press cuttings, concert programmes and their wedding invitation.
Dates: 1913-1930
Extent: 1 box

Castellani, Sir Aldo (1877-1971)
Description: Correspondence and papers relating to his role in the School as lecturer and Director of Tropical Mycoses.
Dates: 1924-1951
Extent: 1 box

Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health
Description: Material gathered as part of the European Commission 'Concerted Action' project, 'Assessing HIV/AIDS Preventive Strategies, in partnership with the University Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine (IUMSP). This collection was donated by Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health department at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and consists mainly of the work of the principle UK investigator, Kaye Wellings.
Extent: 96 boxes and 734 posters

Chamberlain, Sir Joseph Austen (1863-1937)
Description: Correspondence file relating to his time as LSHTM Chairman of the Court of Governors and member of the Board of Management.
Dates: 1931-1938
Extent: 1 file, 1 envelope

Cinchona Institute
  Description: Papers of Cinchona-Institute, 1896-1957, comprise publications and reprinted extracts largely from medical journals concerning quinine and the treatment of various diseases including malaria.
Dates: 1896-1957
Extent: 5 boxes


Corkill, Norman Lace (1898-1966)
  Description: Articles used by Corkill in his work with particular reference to the geography and health of the Middle East and North African countries; articles and notes concerning nutrition; reports and documentation on WHO Project Iran, and the Aden Protectorate Health Service; detailed reports by Corkill on his examination of Prisoner of War camps in Sudan, World War Two.
Dates: 1939-1965
Extent: 4 boxes

Crowden, Dr Guy Pascoe (1894-1966)
Description: Correspondence and papers relating to his role in the School in applied physiology and industrial physiology.
Dates: 1927-1953
Extent: 1 file


Daley, Sir William Allen (1887-1968)
Description: Awards and photographs relating to Daley's medical career and achievements
Dates: 1903-1913
Extent: 2 boxes and 3 items

Draper, Dr Christopher Charles Gawler (1921-2006)
Description: Papers including correspondence, research papers, notebooks, photographs, slides, articles, publications, teaching material, data tables and graphs concerning Draper's career as a medical officer, researcher and lecturer in Tropical Medicine.
Dates: 1949-1997
Extent: 22 boxes

Duncan, James (b 1884)
  Description: Papers of James T Duncan, containing handwritten research or lecture notes titled 'Principles of standardisation of agglutinable cultures' and include relevant scientific tables and diagrams.
Dates: 1920
Extent: 1 file

Durham, Herbert Edward (1866-1945)
Description: Reports and correspondence concerning beriberi on Christmas Island and the area then termed ‘The Malay States’.
Dates: 1901-1908
Extent: 1 file, 2 envelopes

Elliot, Robert Henry (1864-1936)
  Description: Papers reflect his specialisation in the field of ophthalmology and comprise original drawings, slides and catalogues.
Dates: c1864 - c1936
Extent: 7 boxes

Description: The collection contains numerous studies, reports and campaign material relating to HIV prevention, community awareness and sexual health issues prevalent in the African diaspora and other ethnic minority communities in the UK.
Dates: c.1996-2014
Extent: 6 boxes

Garnham, Percil Cyril Claude (1901-1994)
Description: Papers relate to the last field research project, by Garnham, to Sabah, Malaysia, in 1972 and his death in 1994.
Dates: 1966-1995
Extent: 2 boxes

Gillett, John David (1913-1995)
Description: Papers relate to his work concerning mosquitoes and tropical diseases and comprise published and unpublished works by Gillett and others, and original research carried out by Gillett.
Dates: 1941-1993
Extent: 1 box

Greenwood, Major (1880-1949)
Description: Correspondence and papers relating to his work as Professor of Epidemiology and Vital Statistics and as Acting Dean of LSHTM; speech on the work of the School and some miscellaneous letters.
Dates: 1924-1950
Extent: 2 files, 1 envelope

Greenwood, Sir Brian Melor (1938-)
Description: The collection contains working papers of Sir Brian Greenwood, Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine, CBE, FRS, FMedSci, relating to his research into Guinea Worm eradication. It includes data collected during field work in Nigeria.
Dates: 1971-1974
Extent: 5 boxes

Hodges, Lt Col Aubrey Dallas Percival (1861-1946)
Description: Photocopied excerpts of the diaries of Aubrey Dallas Percival Hodges, 1898-1906, concerning sleeping sickness in Uganda.
Dates: 1898-1906
Extent: 1 box

Hutt, Michael Stewart Rees (1922-2000)
Description: Papers comprise diaries and papers relating to his work as a pathologist, largely in Uganda.
Dates: 1962-1991
Extent: 1 file

Jameson, William Wilson (1885-1962)
  Description: Correspondence and papers relating to his employment as Professor of Public Health and Dean of LSHTM.
Dates: 1927-1967
Extent: 2 files

Leeson, Major H S (1893-?)
Description: Material relating to expeditions to East African countries (1935-1936) and Zimbabwe (1926-1928 and 1933-1935) to investigate malaria; report by Leeson on mosquito specimens collected by Captain Ward from the Island of Socotra, Yemen; a malaria survey in the area termed as ‘Arabia’. Includes scientific notes, tables, graphs, drawings, maps, photographs, correspondence and reports.
Dates: 1924-1957
Extent: 7 boxes

Leiper, Robert Thomson (1881-1969)
Description: Material on the British Guiana and West Indies Expedition; correspondence; half-yearly reports as helminthologist; photographs; postcards; publications.
Dates: 1880s-1960s
Extent: 3 boxes

Lewis, Timothy Richards (1841-1886)
Description: Twelve scientific notebooks relating to Lewis' research work while in India and as Assistant Professor in Pathology at the Army Medical School, Netley U.K. including information on patient observations, dissections of parasites and drawings.
Dates: 1869-1886
Extent: 2 boxes

Lumsden, WH Russell, (b.1914)
Description: Material on a malaria survey of Jordan 1941-1942 by No. 3 Malaria Field Laboratory, Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) and subsequent report
Dates: 1941-1950
Extent: 3 boxes, 1 oversize item

Macdonald, George (1903-1967)
Description: Consists of a diary and photograph albums of malaria eradication work in Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka with Sir Malcolm Watson in 1937; diaries of his work in Italy and Sicily during the second world war; photographs of malaria control measures during the second world war in the Middle East, Egypt, Algiers, Crete, Sicily, Cyprus and Greece; and a personnel file relating to his appointment to the Ross Institute, his overseas visits and his death.
Dates: 1937-1940s
Extent: 5 boxes

McMullen, Dr Arnold Ivor
Description: One box of reports by McMullen and original papers relating to his work, two boxes of visual material which include photographs, glass and film slides; three boxes containing video and film material. The material focuses completely on his research and his fieldwork in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Bahrain and Turkey
Dates: 1970s-1980s
Extent: 6 boxes

Macfie, John William Scott (1879-1948)
Description: The collection includes materials mostly relating to Macfie's research and tours of duty in West African countries across the first half of the 20th century. It also includes some material on his studies at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and his work in and for Ethiopia in the 1930s and 1940s. The collection consists of diaries, notes, correspondence, photographs, official documentation and related ephemera.
Extent:4 boxes
Dates: 1904-1985

Manson, Sir Patrick (1844-1922)
 Description: Correspondence and papers; research papers; lectures; publications; diaries; photographs; scientific artefacts; volumes of medical examinations of candidates for service in the former British colonies and protectorates (1898-1919).
Dates: 1865-1964
Extent: 10 boxes, 30 volumes, 2 oversize items

Manson-Bahr, Sir Philip Henrich (1881-1966)
 Description: Correspondence relating to the 17th edition of Sir Patrick Manson's ‘Tropical Disease’ with Charles Wilcocks, and relating to various matters including his retirement, the Manson lecture, the memorial to Manson in Aberdeenshire; personal file including information on his work at the School and retirement; and a copy of the publication: ‘The Story of Malaria: the drama and actors’
Dates: 1925-1966
Extent: 1 box

  Description: Consists of maps mostly concerning malaria and sleeping sickness in Europe and Africa as well as other subjects such as population distribution, vegetation and geological features.
Dates: 1858-1973
Extent: 461 maps

Marshall, John Frederick (1874-1949)
Description: papers mainly relating to the establishment of the British Mosquito Control Institute on Hayling Island, U.K. Programmes, addresses and reports of meetings and conferences concerned with mosquito and malaria research; press cuttings relating to mosquitoes and malaria in Britain, and to the malaria outbreak of 1927
Dates: 1920-1965
Extent: 3 boxes

Morris, Dr. Jerry
The collection includes information, administrative, reports, and research papers of the Social Medicine Research Unit (SMRU)1946-1988; Morris’ research into Minimum Income of Healthy Living (MIHL), Inequalities in Health (The Black Report), Infant Mortality, and Rheumatic Heart Disease, 1942-2009, papers include press releases, articles, and correspondence; publications written or co-authored by Morris, papers profiling his life and work, 1987-2012; conference, symposium, and working group papers 1955-2006; advisory role papers include correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, and publicity, 1966-2007.
Extent: 22 boxes

MRC Anticoagulant Therapy Trial
Description: Material includes patient and hospital records throughout the trial. Administration of the Working Party on Anticoagulant Therapy in Coronary Thrombosis during and after the trial. Correspondence between members of the working party, also correspondence between working party and chosen hospitals. Reports, statistics and graphs showing ongoing and finished results of the trial.
Dates: 1955-1984
Extent: c.30 boxes

Murphy, Sir Shirley (1848-1923)
Description: Papers comprise correspondence and both unpublished and published work in the fields of health and medicine and relate to his work as a medical officer.
Dates: 1890s-1900s
Extent: 1 box

Napier, Dr Leonard Everard (1888-1957)
Description: Papers relate to his work within the field of tropical medicine and contain publications, drafts and galley proofs of his work.
Dates: 1921-1951
Extent: 2 boxes

Newsholme, Sir Arthur (1857-1943)
Description: Papers of Sir Arthur Newsholme comprising of articles, reports, publications, correspondence and notes on the following areas: tuberculosis with particular reference to compulsory notification; infectious and epidemic diseases; preventive medicine; public health, all aspects including 'social' and 'moral'; rheumatic fever; child health and welfare including morbidity and mortality; maternity and midwifery; phthisis; proprietary and patent medicines, dangerous drugs; statistics; scarlet fever; smallpox, and cancer. Also includes: Annual Reports of Local Government Boards; Milbank Memorial Fund; estate account and will.
Dates: 1891-1935
Extent: 6 boxes

Description: The collection consists of material concerned with study and research of human nutrition in all its aspects for the most part of the twentieth century created and collected by LSHTM staff between the 1940s and 1990s. Material ranges from raw data and evaluative work to teaching material and background research papers. The material originates from nearly every country in the world with a greater emphasis on the former British colonies. Much of the material relates to specific projects and campaigns carried out across the globe from the inter-war period up until around the mid-1990s. The collection is particularly rich in material relating to research on obesity, malnutrition, protein requirements, Second World War diets, health promotion and the diets and health of specific groups, including children, teenagers, prisoners of war and the elderly.
Dates: c.1914-1999
Extent: 310 boxes

Pellagra Investigation Committee
Description: Papers relate to the establishment of the Committee and resourcing of funds for the facilitation of Dr Louis Sambon's research trip to Italy.
Dates: 1910
Extent: 1 file

Pettenkofer, Max Von (1818-1901)
Description: Papers relate to his interest and work concerning sanitation and pollution and comprise a handwritten manuscript titled 'On the self-purification of rivers'.
Dates: c1891
Extent: 1 file

Pickles, William Norman (1885-1969)
Description: Epidemiological tables.
Dates: 1929-1963
Extent: 2 volumes

Piot, Baron Professor Peter (1949-)
Description: papers relating to his work within the field of AIDS/HIV including his role as Associate Director of the Global Programme on AIDS (World Health Organisation) 1992-1994; Executive-Directorship of Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 1995-2008; the Global Fund against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The collection also includes early fieldwork on the discovery of the Ebola virus (1976)
Dates: 1976-2012
Extent: 53 boxes

Rogers, Maj Gen Sir Leonard (1868-1962)
Description: Papers including manuscripts of three books: Rogers' memoirs, published as ‘Happy Toil: Fifty-five years of tropical medicine’ (Frederick Muller, London, 1950); 3rd edition of ‘Fevers in the Tropics’ (Oxford Medical Publications, 1919) and a collection of papers on cholera, published as ‘Cholera and its Treatment’ (Oxford Medical Publications, 1907). Collection of papers by Rogers on the following areas: kala-azar; cachexial fever; leprosy, phthisis, pneumonia and smallpox in India; leprosy in East African countries; cholera (treatment and epidemiology); dysentery; sprue; tuberculosis; dengue fever.
Dates: 1894-1957
Extent: 6 boxes

Ross, Col Sir Ronald (1857-1932)
  Description: Papers of Sir Ronald Ross, 1880-1928, including correspondence, manuscripts, reprints and newspaper cuttings collected by Ross. Includes information on the major campaigns for the control of malaria, closely documenting his own work through his notebooks, diagrams and thousands of letters from medical scientists, principally with Sir Patrick Manson in regard to Ross's research into malaria in India, and including correspondence with Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, (Heinrich Hermann) Robert Koch, (Charles Louis) Alphonse Laveran; correspondence relevant to the early discoveries in trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis; records of malaria researches during the World War One, and during his work at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, 1902-1918; papers and correspondence relating to Ross' efforts to improve the pay of research workers and the improvement of sanitation in the colonies, including letters from political figures such as James Ramsay MacDonald, (William) Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor, John Edward Bernard Seely and Sir (Joseph) Austen Chamberlain; correspondence relating to publications by Ross; papers relating to Ross' work at the War Office, and his visit to South East Asia and India in 1926-1927, including photographs, medals, diplomas and copies of his literary works; papers relating to Ross' literary interests, including correspondence from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Henry Rider Haggard, Herbert George (H G) Wells and (Joseph) Rudyard Kipling; photographs and biographical information on Ross, including family correspondence containing letters from his two younger brothers discussing their work and careers, and a few letters from other relatives, primarily connected with researches into his family background for his autobiography
Dates: 1894-1957
Extent: 100 boxes

Ross Institute and the Hospital for Tropical Disease
Description: Material relating to the establishment and administration of the Institute; collection of published papers and articles relating to tropical disease; photographs; Ross Institute Advisory Committee and the India Branch
Dates: 1876-1980s
Extent: 25 boxes

Scott, H Harold (1874-1956)
Description: Correspondence, publications, press cuttings and reports relating to vomiting sickness and ackee poisoning
Dates: 1886, 1915-1918
Extent: 1 box

Ships Bills of Health
Description: Ships bills of health: for the British steamer ‘Ardletlen’ from the Port of Valletta; for the British steamer ‘City of Calcutta’ from the Port of Kolkata, Sri Lanka, Port of Valletta, Port Said, and Port Perim; for the ‘Moruca of Glasgow from Bridgetown, Barbados; for the British steamer ‘Calliope’ from the Port Department, Gibraltar; for the British steamer ‘Kerbela’ from Mumbai, Aden, and Port Said; for the ship ‘Manche’ from Marseille; bills of health for other ships. Note: Fragile items.
Dates: 1887-1888
Extent: 1 box

Shute, Percy George (1894-1977)
Description: Papers relate to studies of malaria written by Shute and other research material relating to his work on the disease in the 1940s.
Dates: 1940s
Extent: 1 box

SIGMA Research
Description: ‘Grey literature’ relating chiefly to qualitative and quantitative social research reports relating to HIV and sexual health but also including documents relating to government policies and legislation, epidemiology and international conferences on AIDS. The papers comprise of reports, booklets, leaflets, periodicals, conference abstracts and questionnaires that are chiefly organised by subject and location including separate sections for 'Non-UK Grey Literature', 'UK HIV Basic Research', 'UK HIV Policy' and UK HIV Resource Documentation'.
Dates: 1987-2010
Extent: 57 boxes

Sleeping sickness bureau
 Description: Two volumes of press cuttings on sleeping sickness
Dates: 1908-1912
Extent: Two volumes

Staff and Students/10
Description: Two conserved photo albums of staff and students at the School.
Dates: 1910-1938
Extent: 2 albums

Stannus, Hugh Stannus
Description: Includes a collection of glass plate negatives from work in Africa studying scarification and tattooing.
Dates: 1905-1940
Extent: 2 boxes

Thomson, John Gordon (1878-1937)
Description: Personal file relating to his appointment, his position and work at the School, and his death (1914-1941) and correspondence with various individuals relating to tropical diseases including blackwater fever (1921-1929)
Dates: 1914-1929
Extent: 1 box

Topley, William Whiteman Carlton (1886-1944)
Description: Publications by Topley and one photograph
Dates: 1913-1944
Extent: 2 boxes

Waterlow, John Conrad (1916-2010)
Description: Papers of John Conrad Waterlow relate to his employment as Chair of Human Nutrition and Head of the Department of Nutrition, LSHTM, 1970-1982. They consist mostly of correspondence (in-letters and copies of out-letters) and other papers relating to: work undertaken during his time as the head of the Department of Nutrition at LSHTM, as well as consultancy work for external organisations (1969-1989); reviews, revisions and comments on papers and proposals (1988-2003); Waterlow's involvement in the 13th International Conference on Nutrition (1985); the history and development of the department and its staff, including papers relating to the establishment of the Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Unit (1968-1970), and the appointment of a new Chair of Human Nutrition (1990-1993); the work of ex-students (1979-1999).
Dates: 1968-2003
Extent: 5 boxes

Wellings, Professor Kaye
Description: The collection was principally created by Professor Kaye Wellings, Head of the Department of Social and Environmental Health Research (SEHR). The material was gathered for evaluative research projects on AIDS public education campaigns conducted in Europe between 1983-1996, initially through the European Commission 'Concerted Action' project, 'Assessing HIV/AIDS Preventive Strategies, in partnership with the University Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine (IUMSP). This was expanded as part of the 'Europe Against AIDS' programme to form the 'HIV/AIDS Public Education Information Exchange'. Formats include photocopied press cuttings of HIV/AIDS news coverage in the UK 1983-1993, photographic prints, postcards and other European public health campaign material 1986-1998, 35mm mounted photographic slides relating to HIV/AIDS and sexual health.
Dates: 1983-1996
Extent: 23 boxes, 4 slide boxes

Description: Papers and data relating to the 'Health Survey of Male Civil Servants aged 40 or over', more widely referred to as the Whitehall Study or Whitehall I (Whitehall II Study began in 1985 and is currently ongoing). It includes planning and administrative papers relating to conducting the health survey, 1966-1973; a large volume of raw data relating to the health screening conducted on the Civil Servants, 1967-1970; material relating to long-term monitoring of the survey population 1964-1971; background papers and results of control and follow-up studies of survey population, including material relating to smoking cessation study, dietary and exercise habits, 1969-1981; research material relating to the case-control study, conducted as part of the Stress and Health Study (also known as Whitehall II Study), 1991-1994; Whitehall Study I result tables and graphs; data analysis and calculations of morbidity and mortality data and publications relating to survey findings, 1970-1992. Additional material includes preceding health surveys, such as the G.P.O. [General Post Office] health surveys, 1964-1968, conducted by the Medical Statistical Department at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other departmental papers relating to teaching and research in the department.
Dates: 1939-2008
Extent: 198 boxes


Wilcocks, Charles (1896-1977)
Description: US War Department Technical Bulletins/TB Med and related correspondence; BBC radio scripts and related correspondence; Reports: Medical and Sanitary Data on various countries, compiled by the Medical Intelligence Branch, Preventive Medicine Division, Office of the Surgeon General, US Army; Information relating to his role as consultant, The Counties Public Health Laboratories; Publications on tuberculosis; Wilcocks' autobiography and watercolour of a typical medical officer's residence in East African countries.
Dates: 1944-1969
Extent: 9 boxes and 1 oversize item


Wilson, Sir Graham Selby (1895-1987)
Description: Papers comprise a collection of reprints used to aid Wilson's research.
Dates: 1922-1931
Extent: 1 box