Ref NoGB 0809 Nutrition/01/02
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TitleNutrition Development Unit, Nyasaland (now Malawi) 1940-1943
DescriptionIncludes reports; Jessie Barker's weights and heights study of children; a draft for Jessie Barker's book 'The feeding of Africans in Nyasaland'; raw data showing children's development after birth; papers concerning teeth eruption in children; Jesse Barker's diaries and reports from the Nutrition Development Unit.
AdminHistoryThe Nutrition Development Unit (NDU) was set up in 1940 as a continuation of the original survey of 1938-1939. Dr Platt hoped that the NDU would increase the range of foods grown and eaten by Africans in order to cure the deficiency diseases which the survey investigations had brought to light. The NDU provided information on a wide variety of subjects but it failed in the main object in that it did not manage to persuade the population to alter its agricultural methods. The Unit worked up until 1943 and produced a great deal of material which eventually would be used in the Nyasaland (now Malawi) Survey Papers publication.
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