I cannot find the record I am looking for?

You may need to refine your search to find the record you are looking for. You can find advice on how to refine searches in About/How to search

It may be that the collection you are looking for has not yet been published on the catalogue. For more information about what's in the catalogue, please click on the About tab, or scroll through our Collection Guide in About/Collection Guide

LSHTM Archives may not hold the records that you require. Other catalogue hubs such as AIM25 and Archives Hub may be able to help you locate the record you are looking for. A link for these hubs and other medical archives such as the Wellcome Library are listed are listed in Useful Links.

I cannot visit the archives: can you provide copies of records?

Most of our collections are not digitised but we can often scan material, depending on its condition, the quantity required and copyright. For further details, please see our Scanning procedures.

I have found the records I would like to see: how do I access them

Please see our webpages for all information on accessing our collections, including updates on COVID-19