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TitleArticles relating to the history and the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic
DescriptionCollected journal articles chiefly relating to history and the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. This includes retrospective articles about the response to the disease including: an article entitled 'Global AIDS 1981-1999: the Response' by G Slutkin from International Journal Tuberc Lung Disease 4(2):S24-S33; 'Death Watch: The Global Response to AIDS in Africa by Barton Gellman, published in the Washington Post, 5 July 2000; book review and article about Professor Lars O Kallings- entitled 'the first postmodern pandemic: 25 years of HIV/AIDS; 'Making Markets for Merit Goods: The Political Economy of Antiretrovirals' by Ethan B Kapstein and Joshua W Busby, Global Policy, Volume 1 Issue 1 January 2010; 'Globalization, political economy, and HIV/AIDS by Dennis Altman, published in Theory and Society, 28: 559-584, 1999; article entitled 'Ground Zero: AIDS Research in Africa, published in Science, Vol. 288, 23 June 2000 and article in the New England Journal of Medicine by William J Clinton entitled 'Turning the Tide on AIDS Pandemic (Vol. 348:1800-1802 May 1 2003 Number 18). Also includes short articles and a copy of the Lancet and other publications including Science and the New England Journal of Medicine.
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