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TitleArticles relating to HIV/AIDS prevention in various countries and regions
DescriptionCollected journal articles, reports and online articles relating to HIV/AIDS prevention strategies and analysis in various countries including Brazil, India, Uganda and South Africa. These include: 'What Happened in Uganda? Declining HIV Prevalence, Behaviour Change, and the National Response', published by the U.S. Agency of International Development, September 2002; "Increased Abstinence, Fidelity and Condom Use Drive HIV/AIDS Declines in Uganda' by Rebecca Wind, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, October 24 2002; article entitled 'Variations in HIV prevalence between urban areas in sub-Saharan Africa: do we understand them?' by Anne Buve, Michel Carael, Richard Hayes and Noah Jamie Robinson, Current Science, 1995; "Migration, mines and mores: the HIV epidemic in southern Africa by John Hargrove in South African Journal of Science, 104, January/February 2008 and a news cutting of a special report entitled 'HIV/AIDS in Asia' published in Science, 19 September 2003.
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