Ref NoGB 0809 Nutrition/17/02/05/13
Extent1 file
TitleMalaya - general file on nutrition
DescriptionReports and information leaflets concerning nutrition in Malaya, including: a WHO report on a visit to Malaya by JB Loudon, 1956; 'An experiment in health work in Trengganu, Malaya' by Cicely Williams and JW Scharff, 1940-41; map of the district of Maur, c.1958; 'Factsheets on the Federation of Malaya' issued by Information Services, Federation of Malaya; extract on population in Malaya from the third annual report of the Consultative Committee on Economic Development in South and South-East Asia, 1954 and a paper on 'the impact of culture on birth rate and population increase in the Federation of Malaya' by Datin Lady Thompson, 1963.
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