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TitleKenya-Uganda Railway Labour Efficiency Survey
DescriptionIncludes food diaries containing raw data, progress reports, a copy of the report in a draft version, tables and graphs of statistics from the survey and staff lists of the employees under observation.
AdminHistoryThe Kenya-Uganda Railway Labour Efficiency survey (also known as the Kenya-Uganda Railways & Harbours study) was carried out in Nairobi in the first half of 1947. The enquiry was entrusted by the Colonial Social Science Research Council to a team of scientists consisting of CH Northcott as Director and Sociologist, AL Crampton Chalk as economist, PW Goss as PA to the director and a medico-nutritional unit supervised by Dr HC Trowell as physician and also including D Harvey, biochemist of the medical department of Kenya and Miss Margaret Grant and Miss JH Henry of the Human Nutrition Research Unit. The contribution of the dieticians was made under the oversight of Professor Platt. Due to the absence of an anthropologist, potentially important data was not sought.

The survey team set out to investigate the economic and social conditions of African workmen employed in Nairobi by the Kenya-Uganda Railways with a view to ascertaining their efficiency, the factors which affected it and the incentives that might lead to an increase therein. The study was seen as part of a wider labour efficiency survey for the whole of East Africa. The survey carried out in Nairobi was limited to 6,000 employees but produced a very important set of data. (for some background)
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