Ref NoGB 0809 Centre for Sexual and Reproductive Health/01
TitlePosters relating to AIDS prevention in Europe
DescriptionPosters are on the subject of raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and the practice of safe sex to prevent the spread of the disease. The posters are original and were issued in European countries. Information on the posters and campaign are on the reverse of some of the posters including commissioning agency, main theme/approach, endline and translation.
Countries of origin include: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine.
ArrangementThe posters are arranged in the original order that they were received by the archives. The titles and translation for each item are given in the 'Title' Field with the description field providing information on the posters and campaigns they were created for.
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