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Enter your search word(s)or phrase in the search box on the Home page.

Quick Search searches across Title and Description fields of all the records in the catalogue.

Where more than one word is entered in the search box, records containing all the search words entered will be found, but these words may not be next to each other.

To search for an exact phrase, enclose your search phrase with double quotation marks e.g. "Ross Institute"

Advanced Search

To refine your search, use Advanced Search.

Any Text

This searches across all the catalogue fields: to search an exact phrase, enclose your search phrase with double quotation marks.


This narrows the search by only searching Title field

You can refine your 'Any Text' or 'Title' searches further by selecting Refine Search Criteria

  • Search for records containing all the words you enter
  • Search for records containg at least one of the words you enter
  • Search for records excluding the word(s) you enter


You could choose to search just using a date or a date range, or you can refine a search by adding a date or date range (eg. 1915; 1915-1920; 20th century)

Ref No

Ref.No can be used if you know the exact reference number of the collection or items you are looking for. (All our references begin with GB 0809, which is the unique number for LSHTM Archives.) You must include correct spaces and / symbols when using this type of search.


This search field specifically offers a picklist of the levels of catalogue description. Use this search if you want to only search one particular level (eg Collection level).


Your results are produced as four columns: Ref No, Title, Level and Date. To see more details of any result, click anywhere in the entry.

To open up the entire selected Collection in its ‘tree view’, click on the underlined Ref no. field in your search result. You can then click on ‘+’ to open more records within that collection.