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I cannot find the record I am looking for?

It may be that the collection you are researching has not yet been published on the catalogue. Please see the Guide to Collections for further information on our collections.

It may be that the LSHTM archive does not hold the records that you require. Other catalogue hubs such as AIM25 and the Archive Hub may be able to help you locate the record you are looking for. A link for these hubs and other medical archives such as the Wellcome Library are listed on the Links page.

If you are in any doubt, please contact the Archivist and Records Manager at with your enquiry.


You may need to refine your search in order to locate the record you are looking for. You can find advice on how to refine searches on the Help pages.


Is there an image of the documents?

No, the catalogue is not designed to contain digitised copies of documents to look at online. You will find a small number of images that accompany some of the catalogue records.


I have found the records I would like to see: how do I access them?

You just need to make an appointment to visit the archives. Click on the Contact Us button for our details. Please note down the reference numbers of the material you want to see from the catalogue so we can have the material ready for you on the day you visit.


I cannot visit the archives in person: can you email me copies of documents?

Most of our collections are not digitised but we can sometimes scan or photocopy small amounts of material, depending on its condition, size and copyright. Please email us to discuss.

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